What is it about the plants that calls to us?

Milk ThistleAn appreciation of their beauty? A desire for self-sufficiency? Maybe a longing for a simpler, more natural way of taking care of ourselves? Yes, all of those things beckon us to connect more deeply with the plant world. And for some, it goes even deeper than that. There is something that has been dormant in our cells and our DNA, calling out to us to remember a forgotten truth: that we are all a beautiful one, that we are made of the same substance as the plants, all of us nourished by the sun’s rays, supported by the minerals of the earth and recharged by the element of water. We breathe in the exhalation of vegetation, and our exhale is taken in by the stomata of the green leaves.

We are in a symbiotic relationship.

The Earth calls us because it’s time for healing on a planetary level. Time to wake up.  To reconnect. To remember the sacred teachings of the garden.

Whether you are completely new to the trade, or have spent years practicing the green arts, if you are here reading this, you too feel this calling to connect with our original teachers, the ones who sustain all of life. That is the purpose of this school: to reconnect with the land and ourselves, to strengthen ties of love and respect, to empower us all to take care of each other and to make steps toward healing ourselves and all of our relationships.