Clinical Herbology (Year 2)

Welcome budding herbalist! If you have had some introductory herbal training, loved it, and are on the lookout for opportunities to deepen your knowledge and skills, this is your next step.

Buds & Blossoms is a comprehensive, intermediate-level program that will put prepare you to see clients. It’s where your knowledge, your skills and your innerstanding of the plants and the body will coalesce, where your confidence as an herbalist will blossom.

We will meet once a week for 40 weeks to explore

  • The production & management of vital energy
  • Energetic Herbalism & the Six Tissue States
  • Constitutional assessments
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Diet & the Energetics of Food
  • Natural Detox protocols
  • Materia Medica of 108 herbal allies
  • Homeopathy for common imbalances
  • Root causes of Dis-ease
  • Tongue, Pulse & Facial Diagnostics
  • Phytochemistry for herbalists
  • Herb & Drug Interactions
  • Pathophysiology and corrective therapies for dozens of common ailments
  • The Art of Intake
  • Apothecary Management & record keeping

This is a relatively rigorous program compared to Foundations. We will have regular tests and research assignments, but don’t let that scare you. There will still be plenty of mystery and reverence woven into all that we learn.

Completion of this foundational training is acknowledged by a Certificate of Completion at the end of the 9 months (90% attendance + passing grade on all tests is required to receive the certificate).

After this year of diving deep into the human body, you will be eligible to participate in the  final level of clinical training, which is when we see ‘real world’ clients every week and work towards the requirements to become a registered clinical herbalist through the American Herbalist’s Guild.



  • Regular tuition – $4400
  • Deposit– $440 is required to save your spot. Deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Discounts
    • Early Bird: $200 discount if you register before February 1.
    • Pay-In Full Discount: $200 off tuition for those who pay their full tuition balance by the first day of class.
    • 5% discount for cash payments
  • Monthly Payment plan available
    • 9 monthly Installments due the first Wednesday of each month. Without discounts, this comes to $440/month.

Tuition includes all materials and the end-of-year intensive. Please plan to bring a bag lunch or enjoy one of Shepherdstown’s restaurants for lunch. For those requiring overnight accommodations, please see the Our Area page.

Ready to begin?

2023 Enrollment will begin in Spring of 2023. Check back soon for details on dates & times.

Email Ashley at

[email protected]

to schedule an interview or if you have any questions.



August 31- May 29

+ a 4 day in-person intensive

The majority of our lessons will be pre-recorded lectures with live zoom calls every Wednesday to review the lecture and discuss the corresponding materia medica. In addition to our virtual lessons, we will have an in-person intensive from May 22-May 25 to go over tongue, pulse & facial assessment as well as intake and apothecary skills that are best taught in person. 

For those who are interested, email me and let me know if you have any questions! For those who have completed my Foundations class, you can save your space by sending your deposit at anytime. For those who are new to Sacred Garden School, we will need to schedule an interview before sending your deposit.


Completion of an introductory-level training program, either our Roots & Vines Foundational Herbalism program or a comparable program that lays the groundwork for understanding the elements, herbal energetics, herbal actions, and body systems. Feel free to email Ashley to see if you qualify.

I also strongly recommend having some adult-level Anatomy & Physiology before enrolling in this program. If you have not had A & P as an adult, I recommend this class with herbalist Tammi Sweet for $480: https://courses.heartstone.com/p/onlineanatomyphysiology


  • Gather the Seeds (Advanced Clinical Training) Coming 2023